EPTE® technique and its fantastic results as said by the doctor Pedro Prata


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Dr. Pedro Prata: “With the EPTE technique my results are fantastic”.

Pedro Miguel Prata, a specialist doctor in General Medicine, Family Medicine and Sports Medicine, told us his opinion and experience with the EPTE® Technique of Percutaneous Electrolysis.

Dr. Prata attended to the Official EPTE® Percutaneous Electrolysis Course performed in Oporto in November 2016. His expectations regarding the percutaneous electrolysis technique were high. Currently, Dr. Prata is very satisfied with his results with this invasive technique and he decided to talk about them.

Dr. Pedro Prata, interview about the application of Percutaneous Electrolysis

According to Dr. Prata, it is important to share results, especially in an area so important as Health, so that other professionals may have the opportunity to know the benefits of percutaneous electrolysis or other techniques that they can use to treat their patients.

1. How did you discover the Percutaneous Electrolysis EPTE® technique?

“Before discussing how I discovered the percutaneous electrolysis technique, I would like to comment that, as a General and Family Medicine practitioner, between 15% and 20% of my annual medical examinations are due to musculoskeletal disorders. I am passionate about the musculoskeletal area and I always look for alternatives to the traditional therapies prescribed to fight pain, so I decided to search more information online and I found the EPTE® technique” explains Dr. Prata.

Medical Team of Fiães SC, Portugal

In addition to his important role in the medical team of Fiães SC, Dr. Pedro Prata also works at the Integrated Medical Center Belorizonte where he applies the EPTE® technique making this center one of the EPTE® Official Centres in Portugal.

2. In your opinion, as a professional in the health area, what do you consider to be the main benefits of percutaneous electrolysis?

“As I said before, this technique is an additional tool for the health professional to fight musculoskeletal conditions.
It is a safe and effective technique, reducing the recovery time of the patient and, according to my experience in Sports Medicine, it is extremely important to shorten the recovery time of an athlete, allowing a faster and more effective return to competition.”

The EPTE® technique for Percutaneous Electrolysis is almost painless with very positive results in the recovery of tendinopathies considered as chronic. After analyzing the tendon status, the treatment should be adapted to different sessions of percutaneous electrolysis spaced over time and therapeutic exercise to be performed for an excellent tendon recovery.

3. According to your experience with the EPTE® technique, are your achieved results positive?

“The results obtained are fantastic, whether in the component of General and Family Medicine in patients with a more advanced age, workers that make repetitive movements, tendinopathies of the supraspinatus, tendinopathy of the common tendon of the epicondyle muscles, as in tendinopathies of the Achilles tendon and fasciopathy in athletes”, reveals Dr. Pedro Prata

4. What is your perception about your patients’ reactions to the treatment?

“In addition to the excellent reaction of my patients, I can see the real-time effect of the EPTE® technique.” This makes me clearly satisfied, confident with my work and with wanting to learn even more about this technique,” says Prata.

Ionclinics has an excellent Teaching and Research team. This gave the EPTE® technique a complete and balanced evolution, making the range of possibilities of this treatment expand more and more. In the EPTE® Basic Course it is possible to learn approaches for treatment with percutaneous electrolysis in the following tendons:

  • Achilles tendon;
  • Supraspinous tendon;
  • Epicondyle Tendon;
  • Rotuliano tendon;
  • Planting Fascia;
  • Pubalgia.

To finish this interview, the doctor talked about a real case treated with EPTE® from one of his patients and explains what is the most common approach in his Official Centre:


“I usually apply the EPTE® technique in the pathology of the supraspinatus tendon. I have the case of a 53 years old patient, who is a nurse and she came to my EPTE® Official Centre with a periarthritis of the right shoulder with months of evolution and that did not give any result with oral analgesia or with the use of traditional physiotherapy techniques. It was possible to see a supraspinatus tendon with a small rupture, and after the 3rd session with the EPTE® technique, the patient already showed a significant reduction of the pain. Asymptomatic patient”, concludes Dr. Prata, also highlighting his significant functional improvement.

The EPTE® team is very thankful to the Dr. Pedro Prata for his professionalism and availability to tell his experience with the EPTE® technique. The Percutaneous Electrolysis is a tool with a lot of clinical applications, included within a global approach to the injury. It is also very important to always consider the great importance of a correct modulation of the load and therapeutic exercise pattern as part of the treatment.

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