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The physiotherapist labour is really important for the ones that practice sport as well as for everyone else.

Nowadays practicing sport, by one-self or in a group, is a increasing trend and there are more and more people trying to improve the quality of their life. Here is an advice about why you should visit a physiotherapist.

Find a physiotherapist: “Prevention is better than cure”

As you increase the practice of sport, you will also boost the risk of injuries. And here is where the physiotherapist make an entrance. It should be mandatory, for people who use to practice sport regularly, to visit a physiotherapist from time to time, not only to cure injuries or problems, but also to prevent them.

Read below to find out the 5 reasons why you should look for a physiotherapist:

  1. Muscle injuries: sport injuries or injuries that come from surgical interventions or treatments are the most common cause of the search for a physiotherapist and his/her help. This health professional has received proper training and is authorized to use non-pharmacological techniques to carry out the rehabilitation of his/her patients.
  2. Health tips: there is a high percentage of people suffering from problems and back pains due to bad posture. Most of us spend a big amount of time sitted in front of the computer or in front of a smartphone and we do not realize how bad it is for our health. Bad postures may cause low back  and neck pain that may evolve and turn into bigger and worse complications in a close future.
  3. Injuries prevention: after the recovery from an injury it is necessary to pay a special attention in order not to return to suffer from the same injury or for it to aggravate into a tendinopathy. Recovery from a tendinitis is not something easy and it may be a large and painful process. Your physiotherapist applying EPTE® percutaneous electrolysis therapy on the injured tendon may be a good solution. It is important to follow-up the patient even after the recovery so that the injury will not appear again.EPTE percutaneous electrolysis therapy to treat tendinopathies
  4. Appropriate physical training: doing physical exercise is really important to our health, although if you do not do it in the right way, it may cause irreversible damage. Find a physiotherapist that will help you with a balanced plan of exercises; being sure that the exercise is realized in the correct way and that the exercise is good for you, is the easiest way to avoid injuries. One of the best way to make exercise supervised by a professional is EPTE® Inertial Concept. It allows you to do functional training by reproducing sport gesture, body building, prevention, rehabilitation and recovery from injuries thanks to the enhancement of the concentric and eccentric phase of the exercise and the possibility to increase the weight on the exercise.

    leg curl epte inertial concept

  5. Periodic control: all of us, in one way on another, make mistakes that may damage our health somehow, in a mental or physical way. A physical therapist can periodically control you and assure that you are ok and that you are doing whatever you are doing in your life in the proper way.

As you can see, to find a physiotherapist can help you and the ones around you in the present and can also avoid future problems.

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